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Special List 290: Post World War II Portuguese Surrealist and Experimental Poetry


Special List 289: Portuguese India


Special List 288: Women Authors


Special List 287: The Augustinian Order


Special List 286: Fourteen Recent Acquisitions


Special List 285: The Basque Country & Navarre


Special List 284: The Craesbeeck Printing Dynasty


Special List 283: Catalunya


Special List 282: The Carmelite Order


Special List 281: Thirty-Five Items Recently Catalogued


Special List 280: Railroads


Special List 279: Nine Nineteenth-Century Portuguese African Imprints


Special List 278: Brazilian & Portuguese Books, 1516-1843


Special List 277: Ten Recent Acquisitions


Special List 276: Italian Impints


Special List 275: Military


Special List 274: Periodicals, Including Newspapers, Reviews, Journals, and Magazines


Special List 273: Miscellany of 187 Relatively Recent Portuguese Publications


Special List 272: Twenty-Two Items Recently Catalogued


Recent Portuguese Publications Bulletin 88


Special List 271: Twenty-Four Recent Acquisitions


Special List 270: Eighteen Sixteenth-Century Books not Located in German, Swiss or Austrian Libraries (22 databases searched via KVK)


Special List 269: Books with Authors' Presentation Inscriptions, Post 1940


Special List 268: Seventeen Additional Illustrated Books


Special List 267: Textiles, Including Silk, Wool, Linen, Cotton, Etc.


Special List 266: Illustrated Books


Special List 265: Books with Authors' Presentation Inscriptions, 1901-1945


Special List 264: Nineteenth-Century Books with Authors' Presentation Inscriptions


Special List 263: The Madeira Islands


Special List 261: Eight Musical Works


Special List 260: Medicine, Part III


Special List 259: Twenty-Eight Items Recently Catalogued


Special List 258: Botany


Recent Portuguese Publications Bulletin 87


Special List 257: Sixty-Four Books From The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Not Located in Copac


Special List 256: Twenty-Six Recent Acquisitions


Special List 255: Thirty-Five Items Recently Catalogued


Special List 254: Eça de Queiroz


Special List 253: Western Pacific, Including Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Indochina, & Siberia


Special List 252: Thirteen Recent Acquisitions


Special List 251: Medicine, Part II


Special List 248: Music


Special List 247: Portuguese Africa


Special List 246: Nine Recent Acquisitions


Portuguese and Brazilian Books in the John Carter Brown Library