July 2010

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Part I (items 1-8): Bibliography, Books about Books

Part II (items 9–10): Linguistics

Part III Genealogy

Part IV (items 11–13): Art & Art History, Architecture, Archeology, Applied Arts

Part V (item 14): Photography

Part VI (item 15): Cinema

Part VII Cartography

Part VIII (items 16–72): History, Biography, Travel

Part IX (items 73-84): Science & History of Science, Natural History, Medicine, Mathematics, Nautical Science

Part X (items 85-95): Politics & Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Anthropolgy, Business, Economics

Part XI (item 96): Law

Part XII (items 97-100): Religion, Theology

Part XIII (items 101-106): Education

Part XIV (items 107-118): Philosophy

Part XV Psychology

Part XVI (items 119-144): Literature, Literary History, Criticism, Essays, Correspondence

Part XVII (items 145-152): Poetry

Part XVIII (items 153-164): Theater

Part XIX (items 165-172): Fiction

Part XX (item 173): Children's Books

Part XXI (items 174-176): Music

Part XXII (items 177-200): Journals

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